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ACS Technology Systems Ltd. Co. was found in 2002. ACS Technology is in this sector since that time…

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Our company that aims to be the leader of the sector is very happy because we are all together with our customers who are walking with us with “Happy Costumers” slogan.



Our firm has the certificates SO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 27001, TSE 12749, TSE 12849, TSE 13100 and TSE 13107.




Communication Devices

Our company that is expert on designing, procuring, setting up, managing communication systems and making devices has high performance and implementing the security policy.

OKTH(Common Use Radio Service)

Radio Frequency Allocation procedures T.C. Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) Regional Directorates…


Satellite Communication Devices

Headquartered in England, Inmarsat (International Maritime Satellite Organization) was established in 1979. The company has 4 main and 9 reserve satellites in orbit. The coverage area is 98% of the world. Of the Organization, including Turkey, there are 85 member countries and 34 pieces of ground stations in various countries of the world.

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If you need a special product or service we can provide them by our professional team and they can prepare you the best substructure and service. If you need something like that you can contact with us.
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