AN-2S and AN-4S are 2 and 4 channel telephone announcers respectively. Each channel has one FXO and one FXS ports. Incoming calls from FXO port is automatically answered and “welcome” announce played. After announcement ended, FXS port is given ring.
This is easiest way to inform callers about telephone conversations being recorded. After callers listened announce, operator telephone rings.

  • Announcements are stored in micro SD card. Practically there is no limit for duration and count of announcements.
  • AN-2S/AN-4S are stand-alone devices and compatible with any kind of analogue telephone and PBXs.
  • Operates fully transparent for outgoing calls.
  • Announce skip feature allows frequent callers (own staff) skip listening the same announce each time.
  • Different functions and announcements can be defined for Day, Night and Lunch time.
  • Each channel can be programmed independently. For example played announcements or automatic mode switching schedule can be different.
  • Answering Machine feature allows callers to leave messages. This feature can be activated manually or automatically night or lunch time.
  • Callers can be asked to approve the conversation to be recorded. If not approved, line closed.
  • Music played callers as FXS port rings.
  • Designed to use with analogue telephone lines.
  • Yoğun telefon trafiği olan iş yerlerinde karşılama anonsu vermede,
  • Arayanlara telefon görüşmelerinin kayıt edildiği uyarısını vermek için,
  • İş yerinin tadilat vs. gibi nedenlerle kapalı olduğu durumlarda arayanları bilgilendirmek için,
  • Adres ve telefon değişikliği bilgilerinin eski numarayı arayanlara bildirilmesinde,
  • Telesekreter olarak arayanlara karşılama/bilgi anonsu okuduktan sonra onların bırakacakları mesajların kaydedilmesini sağlamak için.