Operating on the Inmarsat BGAN Satellite Network, SAFARI™ and SAFARI™ 10 Extended L-band BGAN Terminals are compatible with Inmarsat Ground Vehicles class-11 (with low gain Antenna Units) and class-10 (with high gain Antenna Units).

Both units have one of the highest dynamic rotation speed Ground Vehicle BGAN antennas on the market with a rotation speed of 60° per second (full circle in 6 seconds).

The complete system consists of three fully integrated units – an IP44 rated in-car Transceiver Unit (TU) with built-in Wi-Fi, an IP66 rated Handset, and an IP56 rated roof-mounted Antenna Unit (AU). Both the C11 and C10 Antenna Units are compact and lightweight, ideal for vehicles on the go.

It is designed for the harshest environments and is easy to carry when traveling around the world.

Both Antenna units are designed to withstand wind loads of up to 210 km/h (130mph)
with the included magnetic mounting kit.

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