Global Xpress is located in Inmarsat's Ka-band operating and L-band in training.

Global MobilityGlobal Xpress combines the data rates commonly found in advanced VSATs with the mobility of L-Band terminals and the technical possibilities and possible costs of global use.

Single operator

One global communication network

One Way

Single terminal

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Hassle-free connection Ease of Use – One-touch Ease of docking

Inmarsat's government-oriented GX coverage services are placed on the Global Xpress iDirect Velocity network, and to reach and immerse in a single point, review Inmarsat's government-oriented GX.

Global Xpress services automatically switch between satellites, preventing their plans for incidents on VSAT networks.

There is a demonstration of a government-certified production built in the year 30. All training and signaling is encrypted and the government is presented with services of Inmarsat's highest security standards. Flexibility

It is designed to fit your training plans and budget, from altitude to guaranteed data rate sharing program and all of these services.

You can choose between flexible and service and forwarding services:

Individual terminal plan

Managed bandwidthMilitary Satellite Communications Payload

Rental Mil-Ka bands can be used in WGS Mil-Ka and utility model maxla steerable point beams, thus enabling existing terminals and infrastructure. Communication networks can be hosted on Inmarsat security gateways.

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