In-car hands-free satellite phone kit for the IsatPhone 2 satellite phone.
It includes a variety of professional handsfree or privacy-enabled calling, built-in echo
cancellation, and two-way technologies that provide the ultimate in sound quality.
Supports IsatPhone 2 satellite phone.
The IsatDock2 Vehicle Telephone bed and the Alert and Help Alert functions allow
personal alert, Messages to be managed at the push of a button. Instantly sends your
Allows you to send your location and pre-configured message or email.
By safely and easily adapting to the IsatPhone 2 satellite phone; Phone charging, USB
data port, built-in ringer, antenna and provides permanent power.
You can easily plug and unplug your IsatPhone2, the Car Phone Kit that comes ready to
use, with the push of a button.

ACS Teknoloji