Radio Recording System

Orka is ideal for room recording. AC-10 microphone module developed to get maximum efficiency from Orka. Various audio sources could be connected to Orka inputs. Orka can record from both AC-10 microphone modules and various audio devices. Clear voice quality provides more understandability. Recordings triggered according voice level and any type of sensor.

• 22KHz audio sampling rate for superior voice quality,
• 6 channel recording simultaneously,
• Voice level or sensor activated recording,
• Live monitoring on local computer or via Lan/internet,
• Listen, search, manage via intranet and internet (optional),
• Recording up to 24 audio channels is possible on a single computer by connecting 4 Orka.
• High sensitivity AC-10 microphone module specifically designed to use with Orka.
• 50m2 room could be recorded with a single AC-10 unit.
• Sensor connectors on module are used for controlled recording.
• Multiple AC-10s could be connected in paralel to record larger rooms to one channel,
• Orka can record all voices at equal level in the room with Automatic Level Control.


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