VR-2, VR4 and VR-8 were developed for recording, following up and saving conversation on analog phone lines. It records caller/incoming call and time/date like voice record.

You can create it between 2 and 64 channels in one computer. VR recording device series meets the needs of little and medium capacitated offices and call centers.

If you buy the model that has network support you can reach all features by using internet or local network. Applications that includes multiple users and multiple centers is really simple to manage it via network.
You can determine unlimited and different authorized user without paying additional licence fee. Users can log in to the system at the same time.

Call records and some reports are sent to the relevant people by auto-mail feature.

Recording devices are connected to computers via USB so all records can be store to computer’s hard disk.
USB provides power requirement so you don’t have to connect extra power supply.

Usage areas of this system are firefighters, polices, call centers, emergency call lines and security centers.

• Several users can be defined with different authorization levels
on different channels.
• Total line capacity can be increased up to 32 lines by connecting
4 devices to a single computer.
• On front panel there are power and line status indicators.
• Recordings start/stop according hook status of telephone line,
voice signal level or manually.
• All recordings are stored in computer's hard disk.
• One hour of conversation occupies as low as 3.5MB on hard disk.
• Computer connection is done via USB 1.1 or 2.0 and necessary
power is retrieved from USB connector.
• Calling and Called numbers are displayed.
• Periodic warning tone injected to the telephone lines
(removable) to inform parties about call is being recorded.
• Inbound and outbound voice levels are recorded at equal levels
with automatic level control mechanism.
• VR-2 and VR-4 dimensions: 110x135x40mm
• VR-8 dimensions: 150x185x40mm

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